Historical Results for Pennsylvania

Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University is committed to assisting graduates achieve first-time bar passage by providing comprehensive training in the knowledge, skills and ethics required of practicing lawyers. Our bar studies program of individualized student support begins during new student orientation, continues throughout our program of legal education, includes specific bar exam training and continues after graduation.

At Duquesne Kline Law, we pride ourselves on our robust bar passage rates. An overwhelming majority of our graduates pass a bar examination on their first attempt. Duquesne Kline's Bar Studies Team continues to support graduates who were unsuccessful on their first attempt post-graduation.

2022 bar passage rate

  • 2020 First-time bar pass rate - 83.02%

  • 2019 First-time bar pass rate - 87.88%

  • 2018 First-time bar pass rate - 86.73%, Ultimate bar pass rate - 93.33%

  • 2017 First-time bar pass rate - 90.74%, Ultimate bar pass rate - 93.16%

  • 2016 First-time bar pass rate - 91.96%, Ultimate bar pass rate - 96.7%