The world we occupy is in demand of ethical professionals who will dutifully serve society according to the constitutional and moral obligations of the law. Our Spiritan mission is a vocation of that honor-and we take our calling one step further by offering our students leadership development opportunities. Our goal is to place within them the necessary tools to step into the world as well-rounded individuals who are similarly poised to lead as conscientious citizens.

We recently created a Vision to guarantee we are providing our students with the elements critical to leading with integrity. As part of our vision, we developed and launched our Leadership Fellows Program. The purpose of this program is to have our students focus on cultivating their own leadership development.

Students in this program reflect on the qualities and skills of great leaders to increase their own competency in leadership and cultural awareness. They evaluate and grow their values through relevant topics-such as behavior assessments-and by articulating their own leadership goals and core values. Many of our alumni participate in the program, giving the students valuable connections while showcasing the wide variety of leadership roles our program of legal education fosters in the community.

Tailoring our modules to better reflect our leadership development ethos, we recently modernized our required Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics course to offer a more robust framework for excellence. We still teach Rules of Professional Responsibility, but structure it in a way that inspires our law students to always strive for the utmost integrity in their professional work, while at the same time expressing the significance of honing leadership and character development.

At our Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University, we strive to impart complex law and leadership skills on tomorrow's trailblazers. If you are interested in a legal education fueled by Spiritan principles and servant leadership, we urge you to contact our admissions office for more information.