Preceptor Development

New Community Pharmacy Resource

While hosting a student on rotation, preceptors can utilize their MultiPass to access all the resources in the Duquesne University Gumberg Library. One new resource, which may be of particular interest to community preceptors, is the "Community Pharmacy Practice Guidebook," which is available on the AccessPharmacy platform. Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Community Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Design Models

Chapter 2: Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Chapter 3: Human Resources Management

Chapter 4: Optimizing Pharmacy Workflow

Chapter 5: Common Legal Aspects of Pharmacy Practice

Chapter 6: Pharmacy Inventory

Chapter 7: Role of Technology in Community Pharmacy

Chapter 8: Profit, Loss, and Risk Management

Chapter 9: Payment Models and Methods

Chapter 10: Quality Metrics

Chapter 11: Clinical and Value-Based Services

Preceptors may utilize the above chapters as needed throughout an IPPE or APPE community pharmacy rotation.

For example, prior to involving the student in inventory projects, preceptors may assign the student to read Chapter 6: Pharmacy Inventory, to have a better understanding of the "why" behind inventory tasks.

AccessPharmacy also includes a wealth of other electronic pharmacy textbooks, and a NAPLEX Question of the Week.

More information on how to access Gumberg Library resources, while a student is actively on rotation at your site, can be found on our Preceptor Portal ( on the New Preceptor Resources tab.

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