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Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science program is a terminal professional degree program. The degree is based on coursework and, for those not currently employed full-time, an internship. The program does not require research, a thesis, or comprehensive examinations. The GRE examination is recommended, but not required, for admission. The GRE examination is required for assistantship applications. The program is structured to make it both convenient and productive for students to enroll on a part-time basis.

To complete the Master's degree, one core course must be taken from each of the following four core areas:

  • Advanced Operating Systems and Computer Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Management Systems
  • Networks and Security
  • Algorithms and Models of Computation

During the Pathway program, international students may choose to complete one of the core areas while improving their English skills.

Learn more at duq.edu/mscs.

Apply Here

Option #1 - TOEFL 60-69 / IELTS 5.5
Summer Fall Spring
Advanced Reading B ESL CAP 1 ESL CAP 1
Advanced Grammar B 1 Core Course 1 Core Course
Advanced Speaking B
Term Paper
Academic Discourse
Option #2 - TOEFL 70-79 / IELTS 6.0
Fall Spring
1 Core Course 1 Core Course


ESL Course cost per hour = $280
Academic Course per credit = $1,284

Summer Fall Spring
Advanced B Coursework = $5,590 ESL CAP 1 (4-8 hours, depending on placement) = $1,120 - $2,240 ESL CAP 1 (4-8 hours, depending on placement) = $1,120 - $2,240
Academic Course = $3,852 Academic Course = $3,852
TOTAL: $5,590 TOTAL: $4,972 - $6,092 TOTAL: $4,972 - $6,092