Workers' Compensation

Program Guidelines

Duquesne University has a responsibility, as defined by the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, to provide wage loss compensation and payment for reasonable medical services and supplies for faculty, staff and student employees who sustain work-related injuries or illnesses during the course of employment.

To meet this obligation, Duquesne University has an established program that evaluates such incidents to determine fiscal liability, proper medical management and possible solutions to prevent future injuries or accidents. In compliance with the provisions of the Act, the University has elected to be a self-insured employer. With this election, the University retains a Third Party Administrator to assist in the administration of this program. Duquesne University has implemented procedures for reporting and obtaining medical treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses.

These procedures include the utilization of a designated Panel of Medical Providers to treat such incidents. Compliance with these procedures will provide effective medical treatment while efficiently minimizing the possible loss of work time.

It is the responsibility of the Disability Claims Manager to work with the affected employees, their supervisors, General Counsel and the Third Party Administrator to resolve claims and return employees to productive University employment.

Reporting Injuries & Obtaining Medical Care

Procedures for reporting work related injuries and obtaining medical care:

  1. Injured/ ill employee should report occurrence to supervisor immediately (but at least within 24 hours). An Incident /Accident Investigation Report must also be completed. The Supervisor must review the report, sign it, and promptly send it to the Disability Claims Manager, Koren Bldg. If the employee needed immediate medical care and was put off of work prior to completing this form, one will be faxed or mailed to the employee as soon as they are able to complete it. An Accident Investigation Report must be completed even if the employee declines medical care.
  2. Supervisor should assess immediacy of medical care. If injury is minor (which includes mild abrasions, small cuts, rashes, minor strains), send the employee to the nearest Concentra location (412.621.5430). If more severe, contact the campus Emergency Number at 412.396.2677 for assistance in arranging transport to Mercy Hospital.
  3. Supervisor should contact the Benefits Office at 412.396.5105 to report all injuries/ illnesses as soon as possible, stating employee name, what happened, and if employee sought medical treatment. Leave a voice message at 412.396.5105 if no one is available.
  4. The Benefits Office will contact the employee to determine status of injury and necessary medical follow-up. A letter may be sent to the employee explaining pertinent workers' compensation issues and the medical providers that must be used according to Duquesne's Medical Provider Notice. She will also interact with physicians, supervisor, and the employee to determine work status, physical restrictions, if applicable, and any temporary, light-duty positions needed to accommodate such restrictions. She will continue this process for the duration of the injury or illness.
  5. The Benefits Office will investigate causes of injuries or illnesses, and will review and enforce corrective actions to eliminate future incidents.
  6. The Supervisor should direct all medical provider reports or bills to the Benefits Office. Any unusual circumstances should also be reported for investigation.
  7. The Supervisor should make periodic inquiries to the employee to check physical status and offer support.

Please contact the Benefits Office at 412.396.5105 if the employee has any physical problems or illnesses which may affect their ability to perform their job, even if these problems were not caused by work.

Medical Providers

If you experience a work-related injury or illness, your employer, Duquesne University, through its Third Party Administrator, PMA Group,Mid-Atlantic Branch, Two Chatham Center, Suite 600, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, 412.338.1307, shall provide payment for reasonable surgical and medical services, services rendered by physicians or other health care providers, medicines and supplies, and orthopedic appliances and prostheses, as and when needed.

To insure that your medical treatment will be paid by Duquesne University, under Duquesne University's Workers' Compensation program, you are required to visit one of the one of the providers on our Medical Provider Notice/Panel of Physicians.