2022-23 DNVC Winners

  1. 1st Place ($15,000): Leaficient - developers of technology to reduce energy costs and increase LED light efficiency within Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). See Leaficient's video pitch
  2. 2nd Place ($8,000): Revitalize Energy - energizing eyedrops that relieve the effects of screen fatigue using a patented formulation of stimulants and amino acids. See Revitalize Energy's video pitch.
  3. 3rd Place ($6,000): Brella Health - producers of raised, flexible bandages for packed wounds that reduce strain on patient skin and allow for fewer dressing changes. See Brella Health's video pitch
  4. 4th Place ($3,000): CAUTI-gone - developers of valved urinary catheters that reduce incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections. See CAUTI-gone's video pitch
  5. 5th Place ($3,000): Ocellux - a mobile screening app for diabetic retinopathy that pairs with a phone-attached ophthalmoscope. See Ocellux's video pitch
  6. 6th Place ($2,000): Mixroom Software - a platform for audio professionals with tools, portfolio sharing, and real-time feedback. See Mixroom Software's video pitch
  7. 7th Place ($2,000): Freshly - a space-saving breastmilk storage solution that systematically organizes, flash-freezes, and prevents contamination. See Freshly's video pitch. 
  8. 8th Place (2,000): Alert Lift - a garage door alert and opening system for carbon monoxide poisoning prevention. See Alert Lift's video pitch

2021-22 DNVC Winners

  1. 1st Place ($15,000): DisSolves, Inc. - the first edible, water-soluble packaging made from all-natural ingredients - won the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business' 2021-2022 Duquesne New Venture Challenge (DNVC). See DisSolves, Inc.'s video pitch. 
  2. 2nd Place ($8,000):  Advanced Optronics, LLC - a biocompatible, flexible, implantable surgical sensor which electrically stimulates the auditory nerve to produce new electronic hearing. See Advanced Optronics, LLC's video pitch
  3. 3rd Place ($6,000): innovatIVe - a two-layered IV sleeve preventing the intended, or accidental, removal of peripheral intravenous catheters (IVs) by patients in healthcare settings. See innovatIVe's video pitch
  4. 4th Place ($3,000): Cerebral Aneurysm Test (CAT-7) - a combination of seven different cytokines used within a patient's blood sample to diagnose a cerebral aneurysm for early diagnosis and risk stratification. See CAT-7's video pitch
  5. 5th Place ($3,000): SimBox - a monthly subscription package targeted towards physicians who want simulation-based training and need continuing medical education (CME) credits to maintain their licensures. See SimBox's video pitch

2020-21 DNVC Winners

  1. 1st Place ($12,500): SimpL- a computer vision and machine learning based software that analyzes biomechanics to give users real-time feedback about how they perform exercises-won the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business' 2020-2021 Duquesne New Venture Challenge (DNVC). See SimpL's video pitch
  2. 2nd Place ($7,500): MindTrace - technology that pairs 3D brain maps with measures of a neurosurgery patient's behavioral performance, simulating surgical resection plans and predicting cognitive outcomes. See MindTrace's video pitch
  3. 3rd Place ($5,000): Precision Neuroscopics -novel medical products designed to improve the quality, efficacy and diagnostic capabilities of electroencephalography (EEG) devices. See Precision Neuroscopics video pitch. 
  4. 4th Place ($2,500): CoinRead - a two-sided platform that provides readers with per article content access while allowing publishers to sell content without a recurring subscription. See CoinRead's video pitch. 
  5. 5th Place ($2,500): StudioMe - a "remote studio" platform designed to help customers virtually conduct professional live-streaming, content recording or video conferencing. See StudioMe's video pitch

2019-20 DNVC Winners

  1. 1st Place ($10,000): TalkMeUp - an artificial intelligence (AI) smart coach training software that assists users with improving communication skills. See TalkMeUp's video pitch
  2. 2nd Place ($7,000):  Biomotivate - wearable artificial intelligence (AI) wristbands that can help counselors track patient psychological behavior patterns to encourage those being treated for substance abuse to remain in treatment. See Biomotivate's video pitch
  3. 3rd Place ($4,000): LeanMed - innovative medical equipment designed to improve access to healthcare in low-resource regions. See LeanMed's video pitch
  4. 4th Place ($2,000):  Nollapelli - bedsheets designed to regulate moisture, temperature and friction to promote wellness during sleep. See Nollapelli's video pitch
  5. 5th Place ($2,000): Sparkwear - a wristwatch device used during networking events to help event attendees find other guests with similar interests. See Sparkwear's video pitch

2019-20 DNVC Video Finalists 

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During Stage I, cash prizes were awarded for Best Video Pitch, based solely on the quality of the pitch itself.