Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship 

The GC-ENTR program is a 15-credit program of study. The program is a hybrid program where most of the curriculum is taught online, but the cohort will gather occasionally for high-impact sessions throughout the curriculum. The program appeals to both students who want to tackle challenges inside an innovative business and those wishing to launch their own business. Students can complete the GC-ENTR part-time in just 1 year.

Duquesne's GC-ENTR curriculum focuses on how to recognize and seize opportunities, how to start, structure and finance a new business entity, and how to go to market with an innovative product or service offering.

Learning Goals and Methods in the GC-ENTR Program

Knowledge Area Related Learning Goal
Ethical Competency Students will be able to recognize ethical dilemmas in an entrepreneurial context and apply ethical decision-making frameworks to business decisions. 
Critical Decision-Making Skills Students will demonstrate an ability to seize opportunities for organizational growth and develop solutions for business problems. 
Management Skills Students will gain innovative managerial and leadership skills for motivating people and creating positive organizational change. 

Graduation Requirements for the GC-ENTR Program

ENTR 600 Entrepreneurship Cornerstone Experience 0 credits
ENTR 601 Ideation Adventure 3 credits
ENTR 602 The Entrepreneurial Manager 3 credits
ENTR 603 Entrepreneurship, Venture Financing & the Law 3 credits
ENTR 604 Sales and Marketing for the Entrepreneurial Firm 3 credits
ENTR 605 Entrepreneurship Pitch Experience 3 credits
Total credits   15 credits