Learning Outcomes

  • Apply current theories and practice about organizational and personal leadership in a professional setting.
  • Design and implement both formal and informal leadership development programs.
  • Effectively express and support ideas in a variety of written and oral forms.
  • Understand the nature and practice of ethical leadership, communicate its value, and implement its practice.
  • Appreciate and navigate the complex interrelationships among various personal, financial, economic, political and social environments.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work effectively with diverse individuals, groups and organizations.

Requirements for the
M.S. Degree (30 credits)

The Master of Science in Leadership degree is a 30 credit online program, consisting of a core group of leadership courses while also providing flexibility to students to select courses tailored to their interests and motivations.

Leadership Core (15 credits)

  • MLLS 710  Theories and Models of Leadership
  • MLLS 711  Organizational Communication
  • MLLS 714  Conflict Resolution
  • MLLS 717  Leading People
  • MLLS 795  Leadership Capstone

Elective Courses (15 credits)

Examples of MS in Leadership elective courses:

  • MLLS 709  Leading Mindfully
  • MLLS 713  Leadership for Turbulent Times
  • MLLS 748  Developing Leadership Character Through Adversity

Up to two (2) graduate relevant electives may be transferred from another graduate program at Duquesne or other accredited University, with permission.