2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Our Master of Science (MS) program is meticulously designed to propel your career to new heights, catering to your individual needs and focusing on your growth and success. Immerse yourself in a transformative curriculum that combines comprehensive coursework, cutting-edge research, and practical experiences. Engage in groundbreaking research under the mentorship of esteemed faculty, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and gaining hands-on experience with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. Collaborate with industry partners through internships and industry-sponsored projects, enhancing your skill set and expanding your professional network. Embrace interdisciplinary collaboration, interacting with experts from diverse fields and broadening your perspectives. We prioritize your success, offering comprehensive support services, including academic advising and career counseling. Take advantage of our resources, from research funding opportunities to networking events with industry professionals and alumni. Join our dynamic community of aspiring biomedical engineers, embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we will shape the future of healthcare, innovate solutions, and make a lasting impact in the field.

Graduation Requirements

General Overview

The Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a 32-credit program with or without thesis that provides breadth and specialized experience in BME. The coursework for both the thesis and non-thesis options consists of a biomedical engineering core comprising 15 credits, 9 credits of approved electives, and two 1-credit seminars. Additionally, for the thesis option, there are 6 credits of required research credits. For the non-thesis option, 6 additional credits are taken in approved electives or research credits.

Thesis Option

Our thesis option offers a remarkable opportunity for original research in biomedical engineering, guided by a dedicated faculty member as your thesis committee chair. This approach empowers you to push the boundaries of knowledge, conducting extensive research to shed light on compelling questions and contribute to the field. Your findings will be documented in a comprehensive thesis paper showcasing your understanding of the question, review of prior work, research approach, results, and proposed future directions. Additionally, you'll have the invaluable experience of orally presenting your research at a defense, engaging in scholarly discussions and receiving feedback. Familiarizing yourself with dissertation procedures and deadlines through the library's resources will ensure a seamless journey, empowering you to confidently navigate the final stages of your research.

Curriculum for the MS

  • BMED 501 BME Graduate Seminar I- 1 credit
  • BMED 502 BME Graduate Seminar II- 1 credit
  • BMED 510 Modern Methods in Biomedical Engineering- 3 credits
  • BMED 511 Modern Methods in Biomedical Engineering II- 3 credits
  • BMED 530 Engineering Computation- 3 credits
  • BMED 531 Engineering Computation II- 3 credits
  • Ethics Graduate-level ethics course- 3 credits
  • BMED Approved Electives- 9 credits
  • BMED thesis option: BMED 590 Research; non-thesis option: Electives- 6 credits
Approved Electives

Students can take up to 6 elective credits outside of the BMED department with Director approval.

  • BMED 543W Biomaterials & Characterization Methods- 3 credits
  • BMED 544 Intro to Biomedical Imaging- 3 credits
  • BMED 547 Intro to Bio-Image Analytics- 3 credits
  • BMED 548 Intro to Tissue Engineering- 3 credits
  • BMED 549 Biomedical Optics- 3 credits
  • BMED 550 Environmental Adaptations & Rehabilitation Technology- 3 credits
  • BMED 551W Biomedical Microdevices I- 3 credits
  • BMED 552 Biomedical Microdevices II- 3 credits
  • BMED 553 Mathematical Modeling in Cell and Tissue Engineering- 3 credits
  • BMED 555 Biomechanics & the Behavior of Living Tissues- 3 credits
  • BMED 556 Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB- 3 credits
  • BMED 557 FDA Approval Process for Medical Devices- 3 credits