Learning Outcomes

  • Students will deepen and expand their command of the "facts" (content knowledge) and interpretations (historiographical schools) of history.
  • Students will practice historical research and analysis by finding, interpreting, critiquing, and synthesizing numerous and varied primary sources and secondary works.
  • Students will sharpen their reasoning, oral, and written communication skills in both theoretical (academic history) and practical (public history) assignments that demand original research and/or practicums.
  • Students will develop the basic skills for entry-level positions in public history institutions.

Requirements for the
M.A. Degree (36 credits)

The Public History Program at Duquesne University is set up so that students can complete the degree in four semesters, if taking the full courseload of three courses per semester. All courses are 3 credits. No more than 6 transfer credits may be applied to the graduate Public History degree.

Methodological Course - REQUIRED

PHST 601 Introduction to Public History

Theoretical and Professional Courses - 

PHST 511 Studies in Material and Visual Culture
PHST 512 Museums and Society
PHST 513 Cultural Resources Management
PHST 514 Commemoration and Preservation
PHST 515 Special Topics (All-offered in lieu of 511, 512, 513 or 514)
PHST 516 Building Narratives in Public History
PHST 521 Introduction to Archives
PHST 522 Museum Exhibits & Management
PHST 523 Education and Public Programming
PHST 524 Historical Editing
PHST 525 Introduction to Historic Preservation
PHST 527 Speaking to the Past: Oral History Methods

Internships - 2 REQUIRED

PHST 654 Oral History Internship
PHST 655 Digital History/Humanities Internship
PHST 656 Historic Preservation Internship
PHST 657 Historical Editing Internship
PHST 658 Archival Internship
PHST 659 Museum Internship

History Courses: 4 REQUIRED

Students must take 1 course in American/U.S. History, 1 course in European History, 1 course in Global/International History, and 1 additional course in any of the three concentrations.