The Music and Health in Integrative Care micro-credential—designed for currently matriculated graduate students—trains healthcare professionals on how to responsibly integrate music into their clinical practice with mindfulness, sensitivity, and humility.  This 9-credit online program runs asynchronously to accommodate the schedule of the full-time student and working professional and can be completed in two semesters. For music therapists who plan to pursue graduate training, the micro-credential provides a smooth pathway for admission and advanced standing credit toward the Master of Music Therapy. 

Courses will provide:

  • Knowledge and skill development that can be directly and immediately applied into practice.
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in learning spaces that reflect the diversity of practice, philosophy, and approach of an interdisciplinary treatment team.
  • Experiential and didactic instruction about music’s healing properties in a broad range of community and treatment settings.
  • A deep understanding of the role that culture and context plays in how individuals conceptualize and engage with music.


Please note: Students need at least a “B” in each course in order to earn the micro-credential.

MUTH 603 Music as a Cultural Practice of Health

Explore how culture, music, and health intersect to inform understandings of health by individuals and communities, and how that intersectionality can inform best practices for music therapy in community-based and medical settings. Students will develop culturally responsive decision-making that honors the heritage of those in need when introducing music to improve health. This course will also provide opportunities for critical reflection about how your cultural traditions have explicitly and implicitly shaped understandings of music and health in your life.

MUTH 610 Music and Health in Community

Cultural constructions of music and health can inform and shape culturally responsive and competent clinical practices. This course will examine how communities develop shared musicking, and explore ways of treatment planning by drawing from assessments of patients’ culturally-informed relationships with music.

MUTH 621 Music Psychotherapy in Medical Contexts

Individuals receiving medical care across a broad spectrum of inpatient, outpatient, and residential settings are challenged to balance complex interactions across emotional, physical, physiological, social, spiritual, and cognitive health domains. This course prepares clinicians to assess, treatment plan, and evaluate resource-oriented depth-oriented therapeutic processes capable of addressing the holistic health needs of patients in a variety of medical treatment settings.