Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management 

The GC-SCM is a 15-credit graduate certificate program with face-to-face evening and online classes. The certificate is ideal for students who have a bachelor's degree and are interested in improving their skills across all functional areas in supply chain management. The program format allows students to tailor the certificate to their individual career goals and then immediately apply that knowledge in the workplace. Students can complete the GC-SCM in just 1 year, and courses taken for the certificate can be applied toward the MS-SCM.

Learning Goals and Methods in the GC-SCM Program

Knowledge Area Related Learning Goal
SCM Technical Knowledge Students will demonstrate working knowledge in the SCM business disciplines of forecasting, aggregate planning, materials planning, supply management, operations, transportation and distribution, and customer service that support organizational success.
SCM Analytical Skills Students will demonstrate qualitative and quantitative skills to develop tactical plans to enhance the role SCM plays in the success of the internal and external extended corporate value chain.
SCM Leadership Skills Students will demonstrate the ability to lead with integrity as confident, well-rounded supply chain industry professionals whose decision-making is guided by a strong ethical, environmental, and socially responsible framework.
SCM Strategy Students will demonstrate an understanding of the role SCM plays in the success of the extended corporate value chain.

Graduation Requirements for the GC-SCM Program

SCMG 610 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3 credits
SCMG 612 Introduction to SCM Information Systems 3 credits
SCMG 616 Supply Chain Process Improvement 3 credits
Elective Courses (select two courses)    
SCMG 620 Forecasting and Demand Management 3 credits
SCMG 622 Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain 3 credits
SCMG 624 Supply Management 3 credits
SCMG 626 Global Fulfillment - Transportation & Distribution 3 credits
SCMG 635 Sustainable Supply Chains 3 credits
Total credits   15 credits