Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in the program to which they are applying. Applicants will also be considered on the basis of their intellectual capacity, communication skills, motivation, and if appropriate the aptitude for laboratory research. Applicants with serious undergraduate course deficiencies may be required to correct these prior to admission into the program. Graduate application instructions and deadlines are listed under the appropriate department on the website:

Graduate application materials should be sent to:
School of Science and Engineering
Duquesne University
600 Forbes Avenue 100 Mellon Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

Application Requirements

Only complete applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee. To apply, please submit:

  1. A completed application form. Please either download the application form or use the online application link on the department graduate admissions page.
  2. A Statement of Purpose describing your goals and objectives for enrolling in this program.
  3. Official transcripts in English of all undergraduate and any graduate studies completed. Ask the Registrar's Office at your undergraduate and graduate colleges/ universities to send the official transcripts.
  4. Three letters of recommendation sent by your listed references to the above address. In addition, if you are applying to a biology or chemistry program, please also have each reference submit a completed recommendation form, located on the appropriate departmental application instruction webpage.
  5. Official GRE scores submitted directly from ETS. General test scores are required. Subject GRE test scores are recommended.
  6. Application fees. The graduate degree program application fee is waived for domestic applicants. For domestic applicants seeking a non-degree program, there is a $10 application fee. For international applicants to any Bayer School program, there is a $40 application processing fee. The M.S. program in Environmental Science and Management has a $40 application fee for domestic students also. Please pay your application fee with a check or money order in USD made to "Duquesne University."
  7. International Students must also submit the following materials:
    • Official (iBT) TOEFL scores that are current to one year.
    • Duquesne University Affidavit of Support Form completed in full and an official bank statement. The affidavit of support form is a legal document that a student's sponsor must complete and have notarized and certified. The bank statement must be from the sponsor and show at least one full year of costs. Estimates of costs for the academic year are available from the Office of International Programs.
    • Mandatory International Student Form, located on the Office of International Programs webpage.
    Please be aware that before classes begin, international students and any non-native speakers of the English language (including Lawful Permanent Residents) will be required to take the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) test. Students with graduate assistantships will also be required to take an additional English language assessment in order to certify them to work as graduate assistants. On rare occasion students with exceptionally high speaking portions of the TOEFL may be waived from the SPEAK test.