Master of Science in Analytics and Information Management 

The MS-AIM program is a 30-credit program of study that can be completed on a 1-year or 2-year path. The program appeals to a range of potential students, including technical professionals who are looking to restart or retool their careers, professionals who are seeking a relevant management credential, non-technical or non-business professionals who are seeking to enter the data analytics or information systems field. The MS-AIM program is STEM designated.

Duquesne's MS-AIM curriculum focuses on (1) how to apply models, analytical methods, and visualization tools to data, producing insights that lead to better business decisions (2) the identification, capture, integration, management, and protection of data and (3) eliciting and communicating business requirements and analytical insights. At the completion of the program students should understand and gain experience in data governance, project management, data mining, data querying

Learning Goals and Methods in the MS-AIM Program

Knowledge Area Related Learning Goal
Business Analytics Graduates have the technical and data analytic skills necessary to provide new insights to solve business challenges.
Data Stewardship Graduates assist businesses by ensuring access to quality data for decision making.
 Communication Graduates communicate analytic insights that create the opportunity for innovation and bottom-line results.
Ethical Mindset Graduates will be able to identify legal and ethical issues regarding data and will be prepared to act consistently with ethical principles including those of responsibility, rights, and diversity.

Graduation Requirements for the MS-AIM Program

30 Credits

ISYS 610 Analytics and Information Management 3 credits
ISYS 611 Information Systems Ecosystem 3 credits
ISYS 612 Data Querying 3 credits
ISYS 613 Data Sourcing and Quality 3 credits
ISYS 620 Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning 3 credits
ISYS 621 Data Structures 3 credits
ISYS 622 Behavioral Analytics with Visualization 3 credits
ISYS 623 Project, Process and Persuasive Communication 3 credits
ISYS 630 Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Modeling 3 credits
ISYS 631 Business Analytics Capstone 3 credits
Total credits   30 credits