One-Year Master of Business Administration (One-Year MBA)

The One-Year MBA is a 39-credit program delivered in an accelerated, 12-month program with daytime classes focusing on strategic sustainability issues facing business and society. The One-Year MBA is aligned with the six United Nations' Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) to advance sustainable social, environmental and economic value.

The One-Year MBA incorporates problem-solving consulting projects, cross-functional case studies, professional skill coaching, and an international study trip. The focus is on gaining tangible experience and competence for managing financial, social, environmental and informational resources, the top priorities for sustaining modern organizations in a dynamic global marketplace.

The One-Year MBA program launches in early June, and students earn an MBA the following May. Graduates are prepared for management roles in consulting, supply chain, policy planning, marketing, finance, human resources, information technology, new product development, and general management.

A STEM One-Year MBA Extension is available for students who wish to add a stackable certificate in Analytics & Information Management or Supply Chain Management to their One-Year MBA degree. In five semesters (49.5 total credits), the student will earn both the MBA and a certificate. Students interested in this pathway must begin their studies in the fall semester.

Learning Goals and Methods in the One-Year MBA Program

Knowledge Area Related Learning Goal
Ethical Competency Students will be able to recognize ethical dilemmas in an organizational context and apply ethical decision-making frameworks to business decisions. 
Sustainability Perspective Students will recognize and apply sustainability principles to strategic decisions as a means for competitive differentiation.
Problem Solving Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze complex situations, analyze information and evaluate alternatives from different perspectives to develop solutions for business problems and to seize innovative opportunities.
Management and Leadership Skills Students will gain innovative managerial and leadership skills for motivating people and creating positive organizational change.
Cultural Intelligence Students will possess the skills to manage effectively in a global business environment.

Graduation Requirements for the One-Year MBA Program

Core Classes

STAT 710 Applied Statistics 3 credits
MGMT 712 Sustainable Business Practices Project I 1.5 credits
ACCT 715 Accounting for Decision Makers 3 credits
MGMT 716 Business Ethics and Global Responsibility 3 credits
ECON 720 Managerial Economics 3 credits
FINC 721 Financial Management 3 credits
MGMT 722 Sustainable Business Practices Project II 1.5 credits
MGMT 723 Managing People for Sustained Competitive Advantage 1.5 credits
MGMT 724 Strategic Sustainability and Models 3 credits
ISYS 725 Managing Information 1.5 credits
SCMG 727 Supply Chain/Operations Management 1.5 credits
MKTG 730 Marketing Management 3 credits
GRBU 731 Professional Development Practicum 1.5 credits
MGMT 732 Sustainable Business Practices Project III 1.5 credits
MGMT 736 Strategic Innovation Management 3 credits
MGMT 737 Leading Change in Sustainable Enterprises 1.5 credits
MGMT 738 Global Business 1.5 credits
Total credits   39 credits