Graduate Certificate in Finance 

The GC-F is a 21-credit program that helps prepare early- and mid-career professionals seeking careers in financial management, capital markets, banking, corporate treasury, investment management and related fields.

Financial management, correctly practiced, is vital to the long-run growth and success of every business organization. The GC-F focuses on principles of sound financial management while developing deep skill in the technology and techniques of financial analysis and valuation. Students apply these principles and techniques in all aspects of business investment, financing and operating activities.

Up to 6 credits can be waived for applicants that have completed relevant prerequisites, so that the GC-F can be completed in as few as three semesters. Delivery is 100% online asynchronous.

Learning Goals and Methods in the GC-F Program

Knowledge Area Related Learning Goal
Valuation Students will demonstrate an understanding of the determinants of long-term value creation in business decisions.
Technical and Analytical Skills Students will demonstrate a mastery of the technical and analytical skills used to guide business operating, investing and financing decisions that create long-term value.
Communication Skills Students will communicate the results of financial analysis and decision recommendations.

Graduation Requirements for the GC-F Program

ACCT 501 Accounting Fundamentals* 1.5 credits
ACCT 515 Accounting for Decision Makers* 3 credits
FINC 501 Finance Fundamentals* 1.5 credits
FINC 530 Financial Management 3 credits
ACCT 615 Financial Statement Analysis 3 credits
FINC 613 Corporate Finance  3 credits
FINC 617 Financial Markets and Institutions 3 credits

ISYS 610


ISYS 611

Analytics and Information Management


Information Systems Ecosystems

3 credits
Total credits   21 credits

*These courses may be waived depending on previous coursework.