Club Sports on Campus

At Duquesne, we're fortunate to be entrusted with your gifts and goals. It's our joy to help you dig into what you're good at and help you achieve bigger goals—both inside and outside of the classroom.

College isn't just about hitting the books. Our club sports offer an exciting outlet to de-stress, have fun and create unforgettable memories during your time on campus. Through diverse club sports opportunities, you can meet fellow students with common interests or expand your horizons with a new hobby.

Whether you seek friendly competition or casual recreation as a path to increase your fitness and well-being, or to make friends and have fun, you'll thrive in our friendly, safe clubs that focus on camaraderie. Our teams welcome students of any skill level to participate in practices, games and tournaments both in campus and at tournaments around the region. 

As student-run organizations, you can take on leadership roles, like club officer or team president, honing valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

Stay active, make friends, have fun

Emma Motter posing on field in Lacrosse uniform

From friendly competitions at practices and car rides to games, to team lunches after games and cheering each other on, team camaraderie makes this club so much fun.

Emma Motter President, Field Hockey Club
Paige Lantz

Lacrosse club is a great way to make friends while staying active. Going to tournaments and visiting other campuses makes it even more exciting. Our main goal is for our girls to have fun and make new friends.”

Paige Lantz President, Women's Lacrosse Club
Salvatore Getty, club president, playing in a lacrosse game on Duquesne's field

We have a great bond; our team is a family. We study together, spend quality time together, look out for one another and play the sport we love together.

Salvatore Getty President, Men's Lacrosse Club

Connect with a Counselor

Interested in joining a club sport? Connect with an admissions counselor to help you get started.