There are three different degree tracks available to Chinese students who have earned bachelor degrees in health and/or rehabilitation-related areas at Chinese Universities or who are presently working as practitioners in allied healthcare and rehabilitation in China. A Master of Physical Therapy, Master of Occupational Therapy or Master of Speech-Language Pathology is awarded to students who complete a minimum of 30 credits in their defined program. Students in these programs spend one year (3 academic semesters) on Duquesne's campus where they have all the same rights and responsibilities as other Duquesne students. Once admitted to this program, a student must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 QPA every semester and have a minimum of a 3.0 QPA to graduate with the master's degree.

OT, PT and SLP Curricula

Fall - 11 Credits

REHS-530 Kinesiology/Lab (3/0 cr)
REHS-532 Therapeutic Modalities/Lab (3/0 cr)
REHS-534 Prosthetics & Orthotics/Lab (2/0 cr)
REHS-539 Differential Diagnosis & Assessment in PT/Lab (3/0 cr)

Spring - 12.5 Credits

REHS-503 Research Methods (1.5 cr)
REHS-509 Geriatrics (2 cr)
REHS-535 Orthopedic Science/Lab (3/0 cr)
REHS-536 Neurologic Science/Lab (3/0 cr)
REHS-537 Therapeutic Exercise/Lab (3/0 cr)

Summer - 6.5 Credits

REHS-502 Pediatrics (2 cr)
REHS-503 Research Methods (1.5 cr)
REHS-538 Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Science/Lab (3/0 cr)

Summer Elective - 3 Credits

REHS-510 Advanced Orthopedics: The Spine & Extremities/Lab (3/0 cr)*
*Students must meet instructor prerequisites for this elective course

Fall - 9 Credits

REHS-529 OT Essentials (3 Cr)
REHS-551 Occupational Performance Evaluation/Lab (3/0 Cr)
REHS-545 Occupational Performance Perspectives/Lab (3/0 Cr)

Spring - 13.5 Credits

REHS-503 Research Methods (1.5 cr)
REHS-504 Fundamentals of Hand Therapy (1 cr)
REHS-519/L Neuro & Sensorimotor I: Pediatrics/Lab (4/0 cr)
REHS-525/L Neuro & Sensorimotor II: Adult/Lab (4/0 cr)
REHS-552 Mental Health in OT (3 cr)

Summer - 7.5 Credits

REHS-503 Research Methods (1.5 cr)
REHS-520/L Biomechanical Function/Lab (3/0 cr)
REHS-523 Environmental Adaptations and Rehab Tech (3 cr)

Fall - 12 Credits

REHS-560 Aphasia (3 cr)
REHS-561 Voice Disorders I (3 cr)
REHS-565 Speech Science (3 cr)
REHS-566 Dysphagia I (3 cr)

Spring - 12 Credits

REHS-503 Research Methods (1.5 cr)
REHS-506 Neurocognitive Disorders (3 cr)
REHS-508 Case Study Applications in Speech Language Pathology (0.5 cr)
REHS-562 Speech Production Disorders (2 cr)
REHS-563 Motor Speech Disorders (2 cr)
REHS-567 Craniofacial Disorders & Pediatric Oral Motor Feeding (3 cr)

Summer - 6 Credits

REHS-503 Research Methods (1.5 cr)
REHS-508 Case Study Applications in Speech Language Pathology (0.5 cr)
REHS-507 Pediatric Language Disorders (3 cr)
REHS-568 Stuttering (1 cr)