We're here for you

From help with getting started as a new student, to support throughout your academic career, we'll help you achieve your bigger goals. 

VA Certifying Official

The Certifying Official at Duquesne University can assist you in obtaining your VA benefits. Walk-up services are available at the Registrar's Office on the ground floor of the Administration Building during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or email Kathy Scheer at scheerFREEDUQUESNE.

VA Work Study

Duquesne University is fortunate to partner with the Veterans Administration's VA Work Study program. These student employees of the VA are here to answer your questions about Education Benefits. Their office is located in 1M (Front) Libermann Hall and can be reached at (412)396-2135. To learn more about your benefits, please visit the VA website.

Financial aid and counseling

Financial aid guidance and counseling are available to all students. Our staff carries out Duquesne's mission by helping you learn about and pursue all avenues of financial aid and/or tuition awards for which you may be eligible. Explore the complete explanation of available financial aid and Title IV of the Higher Education Act as well as private and federal loans terms, conditions, repayment and forgiveness options.

Support At DU

Veterans Center

A learning and recreation center created specifically for veteran and military students. The Veterans Center is located in 1M (the Fifth Ave side) Libermann Hall. This is your personal space to gather some R&R. The concept of the Center is simple: stop by to power down, crack the books or spend some time with fellow veterans.

Questions about student support or admissions? Email veteransFREEDUQUESNE or call (412) 396-5366.

Commuter Services

The Office of Commuter Affairs works diligently to help students feel at home and part of the Duquesne family. The staff strives to ensure that students excel both academically and socially by providing various services, programs, and facilities to meet their needs.

Student Veterans of America (SVA)

Today's veterans face numerous obstacles in their path to attaining a college degree. These challenges range from a missing sense of camaraderie to feeling like an outsider amongst 18-year-old traditional students to a lack of understanding by university faculty. When coupled with the visible and invisible wounds of war, a college degree can be an elusive goal for men and women returning from military service. Student Veterans of America (SVA) partners with you to achieve your education goals.

Military Services Clinic

The Military Services Clinic at Duquesne University provides free counseling and support to military service members who have served or who expect to serve in the Iraq and/or Afghanistan conflicts (OIF/OEF), to the veterans of those conflicts, and to the families and loved ones of the those involved. We see the members and families and other loved ones of those who are active duty as well in Reserve or Guard units. Dr. Roger Brooke brings both experience and knowledge to the new military psychology clinic at Duquesne University.

Counseling and Wellbeing Center

The University Counseling and Wellbeing Center offers free confidential personal psychotherapy to all currently enrolled Duquesne students. Our goal is to provide services and resources that will enable the student to live a meaningful life based on a mind/body/spirit approach to wellbeing, an approach that honors the fundamental dignity of the human person by valuing him/her in his/her totality.

Gumberg Library

Gumberg Library recently completed a project in collaboration with the School of Nursing and the Office of Military and Veteran Students. We purchased materials to support faculty and staff who work with veteran students as well as to improve curricula, co-curricular offerings, and campus services for veteran students. Many of these collection resources address physical, mental, economic, and social issues that face veterans attending universities.

Veterans Law Clinic

The Veterans Clinic provides assistance to veterans accepted into the Veterans Court of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. Eligible students are certified by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to appear in court.

ROTC at Duquesne University

Air Force, Army and Navy ROTC

ROTC has a longstanding tradition at Duquesne University. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is an elective program that runs in conjunction with your existing degree program. You receive college credit for your ROTC classes and some courses may be used to meet degree requirements for your college major. ROTC classes will teach you leadership, management, values, ethics, military skills, and effective communication.

ROTC is, at its essence, an officer commissioning program. We encourage anyone interested in the armed forces and a military career to enroll in our basic level courses. These courses do not have any prerequisites or commitments and are designed to teach basic military leadership fundamentals. Only scholarship students or students that advance to our upper-level courses incur any service obligation.

Air Force Army Navy