Our law students choose to study at Duquesne Kline School of Law for many reasons, one of them being our Catholic and Spiritan mission that sets us apart. They grow in their law education through a mission that emphasizes ethics, education as a path to empowerment, service to the underserved, a profound commitment to justice, and is based on the premise of inclusion and mutual respect.

Based on that mission, there is an intentionality around a holistic education, and we care about our students as complete individuals, training ethical, competent and practice ready lawyers. Our top-notch faculty teach, engage and challenge our students to not only think like lawyers, but to be lawyers. Our graduates develop a strong basis of knowledge in the law coupled with a command of the skills needed to be successful in practice.

As the only Spiritan law school in the world, we serve God by serving our students, imparting academic, analytical, and practical skills essential to applying legal principles to actual problem-solving for the good of individual clients, for the betterment of society, and in furtherance of justice.

It is with the continued support of our alumni that we can make a difference in the lives of our students, knowing they will positively influence society. We are grateful our alumni recognize this connection and for the time and treasure they share with us to make it happen. Dean April Barton's 2021 year end letter and funds statement are grateful testaments to how, through our alumni's support, we enhance the education and lives of our students.

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Vision Fund

While honoring our history and being clear about who we are today, we developed a vision for our future, one that requires us to stretch and challenge ourselves to articulate a path and the pillars that will guide our students' journeys.

We are thankful for our generous benefactors who assist us with the many opportunities there are to make a difference. Their help allows us to strengthen our existing programs and provide the opportunity to grow and achieve even greater results.

This Vision Fund encompasses three pillars that are essential to keeping Duquesne Kline Law School on the forefront of legal education:

  • Collaborative Learning emphasizes our need to educate lawyers with skills beyond the courtroom; we must equip today's lawyers for the practice of law in this rapidly changing landscape by integrating critical modern skills such as financial literacy, business acumen, along with a sophistication and command of emerging technology trends that are transforming our society and global economy.
  • Teaching Principles of Leadership emphasizes creating a culture that instills a leadership mindset so that our graduates are prepared to ethically lead governments, enterprises, and organizations to make a positive impact in the world around us.
  • Community Well-Being places inclusion and belonging as fundamental imperatives, while ensuring that we are modeling respectful discourse, and emphasizing healthy living and resilience. Our community is at the heart of a holistic Duquesne education and we must always find ways to grow together.

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